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Private Investigations,  Consulting,  Training,  Protection  
K- 1800126 ; C-1300199 ; A-3200291




Our mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism, integrity and experience to every single one of the clients we work with. Our reputation is important to us, we believe in honesty, loyalty and transparency. FSPI MIAMI, Inc. is an active member of Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI).

FSPI MIAMI, Inc. (FSPI) is a Miami, Florida company that is composed of numerous retired U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators and Research Analysts. FSPI personnel have a broad range of experience and expertise in federal, local law enforcement and security matters. Including domestic and international investigations, private and executive security and provide preventive and operational training. These individuals have successfully conducted criminal investigations and prepared cases for prosecution, involving Marine Interdiction, Money Laundering, Fraud, International Property Rights, Smuggling, Immigration violations, Maritime investigations, Internal conspiracies and arms trafficking (ITAR) violations. Additionally, they are well versed, licensed (armed) and equipped in static and mobile executive security, low key, procedures. 

The Subject Matter Experts and Instructors working for FSPI have a broad experience in Background Investigations, Forensic Audits, Ship and Port Security, Cargo theft, Supply Chain Operations, Open Source and Dark Web Research and Forensic Computer Investigations. They are experts in complicated asset research, identification and recovery. Additionally, they are well versed in Personal Security, International Negotiations, Interviews, Interrogations of witnesses and defendants, evidence handling and they have testified in domestic and international judicial proceedings; FSPI personnel are state and federal Certified Instructors, National Rifle Association Instructors that provide Training and consulting in various aspects of security. This includes Firearms Training, ( G-License, CWC ) Crisis Management. The investigators working for FSPI are serious professionals that are experts in their fields with a high degree of integrity and prestige and always demonstrate the use of sound judgment.

FSPI is presently preparing a training seminar on Kidnaping and Extortion Investigations. To be presented to security personnel of companies conducting business in South America, mainly Colombia. 

FSPI has professional and trusted representatives / investigators throughout Central and South America that assist in investigations and other security matters. These individuals have broad experience and connections in their respective countries. Most personnel working for FSPI are bilingual - fluent in both English and Spanish.



FSPI personnel conduct private investigations both domestically and internationally, including investigative surveillances, (mobile and static) background investigations, general private investigations and U.S. Immigration cases.  FSPI personnel work well with lawyers and case preparation, conduct mobile and static surveillances and utilize approved tracking devices. Conduct research and analysis using established open source data bases and conduct complicated asset searches and recovery. Additionally, they are well versed, licensed (armed) and equiped in static and mobile executive security. Provide VIP security operations in the South Florida area. 

FSPI conducts security related training and corporate loss prevention, port, ship and supply chain security training.  Additionally, based on prior experience in firearms safety, marksmanship and self defense weapons handling, we conduct concealed weapons courses and "G" license training.  Our Team has experienced law enforcement firearms instructors that hold a valid state of Florida K license and are certified NRA Law Enforcement and Civilian instructors. In addition, we are also trained by FLETC, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Customs Service, and the Metropolitan Police Institute in Miami, Florida. Given our extensive experience, this allows our students to receive the most diverse knowledge offered during our courses.       

FSPI uses highly efficient and accurate commercial data bases to conduct research and investigations and is registered with TLO, TRACERS, and DELVE POINT information / data systems.  Additionally, FSPI works with a series of specialized researchers using OSINT websites to conduct social media investigations. FSPI is well versed in conducting BASC and C-TPAT surveys and making recommendations' to successfully comply with regulations.

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FSPI es una empresa de entrenamiento, consultoría e investigación privada, y de proteccion de ejecutivos que está ubicada en Miami, Florida USA. Creemos en la honestidad, lealtad y transparencia.

Los empleados de FSPI  son ex-funcionarios retirados de la policia y agencias federales de los Estados Unidos con  experiencia  en investigaciones,  entrenamiento a miembros de agencias privadas y  asesorias especializadas de seguridad. FSPI cuenta con personal armado, licenciado y equipado, dedicado a esquemas de seguridad estatica y movil, efectiva, pero de bajo perfil a ejecutivos  de empresas y VIP. (Guarda Espaldas.) 

FSPI se enfoca en investigaciones privadas domesticas y extranjeras en los Estados Unidos y en Latinoamérica. Provee esquemas de seguridad ejecutiva en los Estados Unidos, mayormente en el sur de la Florida. FSPI cuenta con la asistencia de muchos investigadores confiables que tienen experiencia y contactos en ambas localidades. FSPI realiza inspecciones privadas de BASC y C-TPAT y consulta para cumplir con los requisitos legales.  

FSPI representa varias marcas y está vendiendo equipos de seguridad en los Estados Unidos y se adhiere a todas las leyes y regulaciones federales y estatales.  Si los productos son para la exportación fuera de los Estados Unidos todas las ventas tienen que cumplir con las leyes de exportación americanas y el usuario final debe ser aprobado por el Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos.
Para más información sobre exportaciones, visite la página web del Departamento de Estado y del Departamento de Comercio de los Estados Unidos. 

Para mas informacion y/o asesoria gratis, por favor comuniquese con nosotros a traves de correo electronico al

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